Boomchyk Borovyk
Star Of The Show

Boomchyk is a lovable purple host who teaches the children of Alphabet Village a variety of Ukrainian word through fun games and songs.

Milya - English Puppet
Milya pops in throughout the videos to explain the on-screen activities to audiences who don't understand Ukrainian. Milya also watches so she can learn Ukrainian.

Pani Vera - Creative Teacher
Pani Vera is the popular teacher who uses clever techniques in her classroom to get her students interested in learning Ukrainian.

Yurko - Budding Artist
Yurko, the painter, wants to spend his days filling his canvas with beautiful pictures. But he becomes interested in learning when Boomchyk and Pani Vera are around.

Natalka - Eager Student
Natalka wants to learn her Ukrainian alphabet so she can read. She's a focused little girl who has a great appetite for learning.

Maksym - Soccer Player
Maksym wants to become a famous soccer player. He'd like to spend all his time practicing his sport. It takes fun activities to get him to pay attention to Ukrainian lessons.
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