Ukraine is situated in east-central Europe. It is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the west, by Belarus to the north and by Russia to the north-east and east. To the south lie the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The capital is Kyiv. To learn more about Ukraine's history and current news, visit

Olga, Natalie, Emily Since November of 2000, Ukrainian Power Videos, Inc. has been educating and entertaining Ukrainian children around the world with its series of critically acclaimed Ukrainian children's videos.

The Ukrainian Power mission is to get all Ukrainian children who watch the Ukrainian Power videos excited about learning the Ukrainian language. Ukrainian Power also wants to instill pride in children for their culture.

The Ukrainian Power series takes children to the fictional Alphabet Village, where alphabet letters grow on trees and the river flows of alphabet soup. There, children meet a cast of five Ukrainian speaking puppets. An English speaking puppet pops in throughout the video with explanations of the on-screen activities as well. Company president, Olga Halaburda, created the Ukrainian Power series because she wanted her preschool aged nieces, Natalie and Emily, to have access to professionally produced, easy to understand Ukrainian children's videos. Olga Halaburda has worked in television since 1991. She is an Emmy-nominated television news reporter for the CBS station WFRV-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Halaburda used her television background and connections to assemble a skilled staff of 47 people to work on the Ukrainian Power production. Among those hired: a Sesame Street puppeteer, professionals from the televison industry and several leaders from various Ukrainian communities around the United States.

Ukrainian Power launched a product line in 2001 that corresponds with the video series as well as interactive games on its website.


In 2009, inspired by the birth of her son, Maksym, Halaburda launched the Baby Ukrainian Power line, which includes a simple see-and-say DVD program and corresponding set of flash cards.

Ukrainian Power is responding to the demand for more Ukrainian educational videos and products. Ukrainian Power is planning much growth in the future and is pleased to play a part in preserving the Ukrainian culture for future generations.


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