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* Sponsorship is $600.

* Your sponsorship will include a FLASH or SHOCKWAVE element and will stay on the Ukrainian Power website permanently.

* Any business wanting to share a game can split the sponsorship fee.

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Please support these
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•Ukrainian Future Credit Union
•Ukrainian National Association
•Ukrainian Selfreliance New
  England Federal Credit Union
•Travel Ukraine Agency
• Dr. Omelan & Dr. Ksenia

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Ukrainian Power is working to add more games to our site. We're committed to offering families an ongoing repertoire of fun paired with education.


Boomchyk's Kitchen is filled with common household items and appliances.

Click on each item you see and hear Boomchyk name the item in Ukrainian!  Children will learn the names of these items by repeating after Boomchyk.


Ukrainian Future Credit Union, Warren, Michigan

West Bloomfield, MI

Paint a picture with Boomchyk and learn the words for all the colors in a crayon box. As seen in Ukrainian Power: Volume 2, Boomchyk thinks of a color and the children of Alphabet Village tell us what things are of that color. Choose the colors and learn.

Sponsored by the Ukrainian Future Credit Union, a proud supporter of Ukrainian community building endeavours in the greater Detroit area and the leading supporter of Ukrainian Power. Open an account for your child or make a deposit in your child's account at the Ukrainian Future Credit Union and receive a free Ukrainian Power video called "Boomchyk's First Trip to the Ukrainian Credit Union."

Ukrainian National Association, Parsippany, New Jersey,

Boomchyk teaches us the Ukrainian alphabet. Choose a letter and hear Boomchyk pronounce the letter. A fun and easy way for children and parents to learn the Ukrainian alphabet. Parents can test their children with this interactive game.

Sponsored by the Ukrainian National Association, providing quality financial services to its members. The UNA has a long history of promoting the Ukrainian culture.

Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Federal Credit Union, Wethersfield, CT and Westfield, MA,

One of the most popular songs from the Ukrainian Power series is the Zoo Animal song from Ukrainian Power: Volume 1. We post the lyrics so you can sing along. We also turned the song into an entertaining game. Click on the animal names and see the animal pictures pop up. You'll hear Boomchyk say the names of each animal in Ukrainian and Milya says the names of each animal in English.

Sponsored by the Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Federal Credit Union, growing to meet the needs of Ukrainians throughout New England. The Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Credit Union has opened a NEW branch in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Travel Ukraine Agency
(US fax:) (503) 217-8406
(Lviv:) 380 322 986625
Click for web site
Using pictures, Boomchyk quizzes children on the names of zoo animals.

If you answer correctly Boomchyk congratulates you, if you answer incorrectly he'll tell you to try again. Kids will enjoy putting their knowledge to the test with this wonderfully designed game. It's a great teaching tool parents andteachers can use to make sure children are learning Ukrainian.

Sponsored by the Travel Ukraine Agency. Based in Lviv, Travel Ukraine offers customer oriented tours, research, accommodations in Ukraine and family roots research. Travel Ukraine works personally for you.

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