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The package arrived yesterday and everything is amazing! Thank you for creating these wonderful products to help parents and educators instill a sense of "ukie pride" in their children from the earliest age.

--Romana Kuchta

West Farmington, OH

EDITOR'S NOTE:   I introduced the Baby Ukrainian Power Word flash cards to my son, Maksym, when he was 15 months old. I showed him each card and read the name of the object. At 17 months, I started quizzing Maksym, giving him a choice between two cards. I'd ask "which one is the (blank)". He'd point to the correct card every time. I was amazed. I quickly switched to the Baby Ukrainian Power Alphabet flash cards. Within three weeks of regular use, he pointed to the correct letter and started sounding out more than half of the letters.  (Maksym started watching the Baby Ukrainian Power DVD once a week at 13-months.)

Please let us know how your children respond to our Baby Ukrainian Power flash cards.

--Olga Halaburda

Ukrainian Power Videos, Inc.


My grandson Markian (18 months) loves the video (Volume 1) and gets off the couch to dance the Hopak.

--Nick Fil

Latham, New York

My two 3-year-old grand daughters, that live in Ukraine, also love the Ukrainian Power videos. They've adopted a Boomchyk doll!

--Tania Onyschuk

Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful product line! I have 3 kids and they all are entranced with Boomchyk. Keep up the great job! You are truly an incredible entrepreneur and are doing wonders for the Ukrainian youth.

--Ola Holyk

We were pleased with the educational quality and entertainment value of the Ukrainian Power DVD's. The Richard Scarry book is nice too. I am happy with the products I have ordered from you thus far!

--Lynn Morales

Gainesville, Florida

My children are 5 and 7 years old, we live in South Carolina, so other than Dido and Baba we don't have a lot of other Ukrainian friends to speak with. I try to let time on the computer be limited and educational. I am so happy to find your web site so my kids can play games and learn basic Ukrainian as they have fun! Thanks for setting this up and keeping it running.

--Natalie Rasha

Simpsonville, South Carolina

I am looking for help in teaching my child Basic prayers in Ukrainian, ie The Lord's Prayer, Profession of Faith, etc. to prepare my child for First Holy Communion. He does not read Ukrainian and I have forgotten most of mine. Do you have something like this or know where I can find a recording to help him memorize prayers? Thanks.
--Oksana Anderson
Palatine, Illinois

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Upon receiving this suggestion, "Ukrainian Power" pubilshed "Ukrainian Prayers for Children" book. The book tells the story of the children of Alphabet Village as they prepare for First Holy Communion / First Confession and Solemn Holy Communion. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion!)


This is my first time playing the interactive game (Boomchyk's) "Thinking of a Color". Loved it. I consider myself the "big" kid with no children. Too cute and it will be great to use

when I brush up on my Ukrainian. Thanks


Ontario, Canada.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to future developments of Boomchyk! Every child loves them!
Veselekh Sviat
--Michael J. Kornylo,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I would like to find out if you would be able to offer us a discount on your children's orange "Ukie Pride" shirts. We are a group of adoptive parents (ukrainian angels) and we will be attending a ceremony in Philadelphia where President Yushchenko will be recieving the Liberty Medal. We have about 25-30 children attending and I would love to have them all wearing the shirts. Thank you so much for considering our request. The ceremony is Sept 17, 2005.
-- Della Curley
Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We are happy to offer groups a discount on bulk orders. Please contact us via our Contact Us page or by phone, toll-free in the U.S. or Canada, 1-866-898-6208.)


I really enjoyed the videos and am sure my students would as well. I am going to order the dvd volume 3 & 4! I will be teaching at a Ukrainian workshop this summer and would love to use the dvd with the students as both a part of the class and as something for them to watch during the snack break. Based on the warning on the back of the booklet, it appears that I am not allowed to do this. Yet, in reading through the customer feedback, it appears
that this use is encouraged. Would you please clarify?
Thank you so much!
--Kim Leisinger
Franklin, Tennessee

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, we are happy to allow such use, in educational settings, when requested in writing. Thank you for being considerate of our copyright.)

We would like to be able to have your videos in our school library for children to borrow. Can we have your permission to do this? Also, because we have been using your videos for some years in our classrooms,butterfly 
we are assuming that this is alright as well. Please advise if it isn't.
We are a the only Ukrainian-English bilingual program in Saskatchewan and
we love your products.
-- Angela Wasylow
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, you have permission to add the "Ukrainian  Power" products to your library collection. Numerous libraries throughout the United States have also ordered our videos and DVDs and offer them to their communities. And as for showing the programs to students, again, we are pleased to know our programs are being widely used in the education of young Ukrainian children. We encourage this use. We ask only that schools and organizations contact us first and get written permission. Thank you for doing so.)

How do I get the complete set of cassettes that come with the
Ukrainian Language kit?
--Mary Shemerdiak
Oceanside, California

(EDITOR'S NOTE: An extended audio kit, that is equivalent to the oral exercises in the Ukrainian Kit, is available. Each tape is 90 minutes long and there are a total of 16 of them. The price is $174.95 CND. Please e-mail: olga@ukrainianpower.com .)

Thank you for responding and for confirming my order. My daughter Oriana is 'in love' with the entire cast especially Boomchyk as it is her father's voice. The voice of Boomchyk is my spouse Ivan Makar.  And congratulations on a great job with the "Ukrainian Power" video tapes!
--Chrystia Gorski-Makar
Boomchyk Video

I am trying to find interactive games for my son, do you know where I can
find some?
--Melisa Moroko
Chicago, Illinois

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We offer a small variety of free interactive games on our site. We  encourage sponsorship of additional games so Ukrainian children around the world will have access to the free games and be inspired to learn Ukrainian. As for interactive games for children for sale, there is only one CD that we know of. It's called "The Mitten." We would be happy to carry this product or other interactive games, should the producers of these products contact us.)

I have two little girls ages two and one. They absolutely love the Ukrainian Power videos! My only suggestion is- make more videos!! Perhaps ones that show the Ukrainian traditions during Easter and Christmas. Keep up the great work!
--Larissa Hill
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Having just completed 2 tours as an election observer in Dnipropetrovsk, I'd like to order some videos for an orphanage which houses crippled children. I'm single and I need  someone's advice. The kids are 9-14 years in age and I wish to send them videos which are both entertaining and educational.

Cerdechno dyakuyu.
-- Volodymyr Maruszczak
Rochester Hills, Michigan


(EDITOR'S NOTE: Our response --

The "Ukrainian Power" videos are like a Ukrainian version of  "Sesame Street." Although I don't want to discourage a sale, I must say, I'm not sure 9-14 year olds watch "Sesame Street," therefore, I'm not certain if "Ukrainian Power" would be right for that age group. The 9 year olds may still like it...but 14 is pushing it. The "Ukrainian Power" programs are entertaining, but as far as the educational value...the 9-14 year olds are beyond what "Ukrainian Power" has to offer. It has lessons in the alphabet, colors, counting, days of the week, months of the year, etc. But, I will say this...in some parts of Ukraine, some kids only speak Russian... so the "Ukrainian Power" videos would be educational for those kids wanting to brush up on Ukrainian -- which is now very much in vogue, as a result of the orange revolution and a nationalistic revival. The call is yours as to whether you think these videos are right for the kids you have in mind.)

Olha, thank you for taking the time to provide me with a very informative response. Since I'm not very astute at identifying any child's age, I will contact my friends in Dnipropetrovsk to obtain a better understanding of the various age groups. And no...you have not discouraged a potential sale - in fact, I will highly recommend your company's' products to others! Again, cerdechno dyakuyu for your time and honest approach to conducting
Your future client,

Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt delivery of the DVD's. My 18 month old daughter just loved them and despite not understanding a word (yet) was
captivated. It makes me feel good to be able to introduce her to the Ukrainian language in such an enjoyable way. Well done!
-- Lesia Kozyra
Cumberland, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I am interested in acquiring the DVD volumes 1&2 for use in the United Kingdom. Do you supply Region 2 DVDs? If not, do you have any plans to supply in this format?
Many thanks
--Ihor Smaditch

United Kingdom

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Our DVDs are programmed to play in almost all DVD players around the world. To date, we have had no complaints or returns from customers in the U.K. We have however, had some customers in the U.S. tell us the DVDs don't play in their DVD players or experience audio problems. We've been informed by our programmer and duplicator that these problems may arrise in a select few DVD players. If there is a problem, these complaints are promptly taken care of by exchanging the item for another DVD or videotape or refund.)

I just received your volume one and two DVD. It's great! I am trying to learn Ukrainian in a place where there is not a lot of influence or availability. The Ukrainian Power episodes are a lot of fun! I have come across a problem though: on one DVD player both episodes play just fine. On another (mine) the first episode plays fine until Boomchyk goes to see Maksym then all dialogue sounds go away. The background sounds (music, balls bouncing, school bells) work, but no dialogue. Every once in a while I can hear Milya, or a song but it's random. Is this a common problem? I believe it is just my player because your DVD works perfectly on another.
Again, your products are great and I commend you.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: See editor's note above.)

My daughter received a copy of Volumes 1 & 2 on DVD this past fall from her aunt who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. At 20-months of age, I can't even begin to guess how many times she has watched this - over & over again, that's for sure. She has now started walking around the house singing..."boomchik, bookchik, dat dat, klooch."
--Sophie Buternowsky
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Volume 4

I liked your web site and thought it was a great idea to introduce your product to the Ukr. educational TV. I would suggest to make it more appealing to a native Ukrainian -
avoid an American accent by using native Ukrainian speakers instead of those who were born out of Ukraine. I have M.A. in Ukr. language and literature. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you,
-- Vika Popova
San Diego, California

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for the suggestion. The part of Natalka was performed by Ukraine-native, Lesia Hrabova. We made an effort to have various Ukrainian dialects represented in our programs.)

I heard about your website on Life2Orphans website. Can you tell me the age range for your videos? Would these toys and videos be appropriate for Ukrainian orphanages?
--Lee Santilli
Gainesville, Florida

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The programs are aimed at children between the ages of 2 -7. And, yes, the would be ideal for orphanages for two reasons. First, like "Sesame Street", the programs are educational and entertaining. Second, there is one puppet which speaks English. She pops in several times throughout the program to give an explanation of the Ukrainian scenes. This would be a nice way to introduce Ukrainian children in orphanages to the English language in an entertaining way.)

We're so looking forward to the DVDs! What a great idea! Its so hard to find good learning tools in Ukrainian. If we're satisfied, we'll be sure to visit your site again..
All the best,
--Audrey Iwasko
Mother of Antonina, 16 months, and Kateryna, 3 weeks :)
London, England


As a fellow Wisconsinite, I am very passionate about teaching children about our Ukrainian language and culture. I drive my 2 children from Waukesha,WI to Palatine,IL every Saturday to Ukrainian School. Our school is having it's annual St. Mykolai program on Dec. 18th. Would you be willing to donate any Boomchyk items for our raffle. Perhaps if we purchased a couple of dolls could you donate a few to our school. We would be very grateful. If you are ever in the Palatine, IL area please stop by and visit our Ukrainian Center. Thank you!!!
--Irene Kowalskyj
School of Ukrainian Studies
Palatine, IL

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Ukrainian Power Videos was happy to donate items to the raffle.)

My 18-month old baby and my 7-year-old daughter were watching two of your Ukrainian Power videos this evening - they LOVE Boomchyk, so I know the impact your videos are having on our youngsters.
--Alex Kuzma
Executive Director
Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund

I am President of St. Martin's Ukrainian Playschool in Edmonton, Alberta. My eldest attends St. Martin Elementary as well-all are Ukrainain bilingual. We love your products and my daughter adores her Boomchyk doll. We also love your games and might be interested in sponsoring a new interactive game on the website. It is great when products and community service go together! I would love more info about this. I currently have my families checking out the website and giving me their feedback on their interest to sponsor a game. So far all feedback has been positive!
-- Jeaneen Jacobs
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Game sponsorship costs $600. Businesses and organizations can partner and split the cost of a game. Schools and organizations can sell "Ukrainian Power" products as a fund raiser to raise money for game sponsorship. For details, contact us at olga@ukrainianpower.com or call toll free, from the U.S. or Canada, 1-866-898-6208.)

My children love your video's and it's been very helpful for them as they are entering Ukrainian-English school.
--Chris Kyrzyk
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My 21 month old daughter is addicted to Ukrainian Power II and always asks for
`Boochyk.' She loves all the songs, but the Ukrainian dancing, Oy Tay Duna, and the zoo segment are her absolute favorites. I have to think of all sorts of diversions to prevent her from crying when it is all over! You've done a great job.
--Natalia Olynec

I think your products are wonderful, however there is apparently a problem when trying to order using a credit card from outside the US on the internet. I have been told this by the Canadian Ukrainian lady so apparently the ony way to order is to ask someone there to order it for us. Please correct me if I am wrong because I would love to order the whole lot for my children! They are great!!
-- Stepan Pasicznyk
East Barnet, London, England
United Kingdom

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We receive international orders occasionally via our secure web Order Page and have not been made aware of any problems recently. If there are problems, however, please fax your order to U.S. fax number 1-920-336-5349. Please include items you wish to order, plus credit card information - including the three digit code on back of card, as well as billing and ship to address and also an e-mail address. One way or another we will make all efforts to receive your order and ship it to you promptly. We don't want to miss out on any international customers. Please tell your friends about us!)

Keep up the great work. Our little Ibahko loves the videos, when are more coming out?
-- John Stolec, Jr.
San Mateo, California

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We don't have any plans, currently, to produce any more programs in the "Ukrainian Power" series. We are working to expand our product line to fill different needs parents and educators are expressing. For example, we released a music CD when parents asked for it; a Boomchyk doll, when children demanded it; and we are currently working on a book to teach children their prayers in Ukrainian. All these products were developed from customer suggestions. Thank you for those and, please, keep them coming.)


My children are both adopted from Kherson 10 months ago, and they no longer speak a word of either Ukrainian or Russian. I'm somewhat saddened by that - one of our first "connection" moments, after bringing them back from the orphanage, was watching "Telepuzeki" together.  They watched the two "Ukrainian Power" programs that we were able to see, and seemed very engaged.  It makes me wonder if they were able to follow, at least to some extent, with whatever latent Ukrainian language skills they may still retain. 
The shows are wonderful - the kids kept asking me if  we were watching Sesame Street - and of course, my son was excited to find that one of the characters had the same name (Maksim).  My only regret is that neither I nor my wife are at all fluent in either language, and may not be able to do more than watch the programs with them.  I have ordered the Ukrainian Language Kit, in hopes of learning enough in the next few years to be able to take them back to Ukraine to visit their birthplace so that they may know who and where they
come from.  My hope is that these programs may help them to recover some of their lost language, and perhaps prepare them to enroll in one of our local Ridna Shkola programs.
Thank you again for your warm reply and your wonderful work.  Your nieces (and we) are much the richer for it.

--Michael McLeod

Cortland, Ohio


I cannot thank you enough for the videos and products that you have produced.  I just ordered the "Ukrainian for English Speakers" set and I hope that it will help me in my quest to get in touch with my heritage. My great-grandfather came to America in 1909 from what was then the province of
Galicia. My grandfather told me of my Ukrainian origin, however, having never learned the language himself he couldn't teach me. In a recent search of genealogical records I found that my grandmother is, too, fully Ukrainian. This sparked an interest in me to learn the Ukrainian language and has deepened my love of my heritage. I, however, must credit people like yourself for making resources like this available. Once again, thank you.
-- Jeffrey Majoris
Milford, Connecticutbutterfly


Teachers of Ukrainian in Saskatchewan are aware of these videos and the resources offered through your website.  I have shared this information with them at several seminars and workshops.  During one of my workshops with primary teachers of Ukrainian, I focused on the musical segments of your videos.  I handed out words to all the songs (available on your website) and encouraged them to use these songs, together with the videos, to promote Ukrainian language learning. Keep up the good work!  Our teachers enjoy the Ukrainian Power series and they continue to search for new resources to supplement their classroom teaching. Thank you for adding to our supply of primary resources.
-- Nadia Prokopchuk,
Ukrainian Education
Saskatchewan Learning

"We enjoy watching the 'Ukrainian Power' videos together as a family, and little Paul enjoys hearing Baba speak 'Boomchyk language' with Tato and Dido. We want games geared more toward the 5 and 9 year olds in addition to the 'Sesame Street' style videos."

--Lidia Filonowich

Herbster, Wisconsin

"Have a 4 month old son and can't wait to get him learning Ukrainian with your products!"

--Andrew Zeleney

Clinton Township, Michigan

"I found out about the website from the videos. I have all four videos and love them! We live here in Wisconsin, hours from Chicago, so these videos give our children the opportunity to hear Ukrainian songs and conversations on T.V. Keep up the wonderful work! you're providing a great service to the Ukrainian community."

--Irene Kowalskyj

Waukesha, Wisconsin

"I just ordered another two videos for my 2-and-a-half year old daughter, Katrusia. I think that ALL young Ukrainian children should own these videos!!! What a fantastic educational tool! It's about time 'we' as Ukrainians had some contemporary and fun videos for them. Keep up the excellent work!!!"

Larissa Szepetyk Fraser

Oshawa, Ontario


"I love all the videos you made. I think they are the best!! I was in 'Ukrainian Power' 3 and 4. I really enjoyed being in the video. I am seven years old. I love learning Ukrainian. Sincerely,


--Anna Small

Troy, Michigan

"We will be adopting a female child approximately 12-18 months from Ukraine in the next few months. Please send info on your products."

--Elizabeth Bommer

Sausalito, California


"Where can I buy the video 'Learning the Alphabet' in the Netherlands?

--Jasper Stoop

Brenda, Netherlands

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Currently, we do not have distributors in the Netherlands. But, you can buy directly from us. We ship our products all over the world. We are also actively looking to supply Ukrainian gift stores with our products, so, again...let store owners know you'd like them to carry our products.)

"We are adopting a child from Ukraine and would be very interested in teaching them their native language. Please keep me informed of any videos and games you have."

--Marjorie Sacristan

Staten Island, New York

"My grandchildren (ages 4 and 2) enjoy 'Ukrainian Power' tremendously. They would like to sing along with all the songs presented. Do you have the words to the songs?"

--Anna Shalauta

EDITOR'S NOTE: The lyrics are available through our Videos page on the Ukrainian side.

"I really love the 'Ukrainian Power' videos! My daughter can watch them over and over. I was really happy when I found out you had done two more. Keep them coming!! I do have one request and that is to put the words to the songs in Ukrainian on the website."

--Sandra Duda

Leihighton, Pennsylvania

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Since getting this letter we have posted the lyrics on our site. They are available through the 'Videos' page on the Ukrainian side. Keep those suggestions coming.)

"I watched 'Boomchyk's Birthday' with my son Christopher and he loved it. He is only 18 months old but he really enjoyed it and so did I."

--Doug, Deanna & Christopher Berner

"My son Bogdan really loves the two first videos. I've now ordered Volumes 3 & 4. I  want to wish the best to your company. You do a great job!"

--Zinaida Petrenko

Slependen, Norway

"This is an excellent project. We are grateful that you are doing it because it will be a key resource for teaching my 7-month-old daughter Ukrainian. I'm fluent but my husband is Danish and we live in Singapore, where English and Mandarin are the common languages. So I need all the help we can get! We will surely be regular customers. Great web site, by the way!"

--Natalia Olynec-Mikkelsen

Seletar Camp, Singapore

Volume 4"I bought the first two videos when my granddaughter was born. Not long after that, we put the first tape in and 'Bipa' was mesmerized. We bought the tape to my parents house for her first family Christmas last January and everyone was amazed at how she sat through the video so many times. Although we also watch regular Sesame Street, I believe Bipa prefers Boomchyk as she always seems to sit through the whole video. Naturally, Bipa also enjoys my participation with her. Bipa has not caught on to the 2nd video as well, yet, but she got the next 2 volumes for Christmas and so far enjoys the seasons and the months.

Thank you for putting out this marvelous gift. My children said that had there been something like this when they were growing up they probably would not have had such a hard time in Ukrainian School and retaining the language. Although I spoke to them in Ukrainian from birth, the town that we lived in did not have many Ukrainian speaking people, so they mostly heard English. By the time I got them into a Ukrainian environment, they struggled terribly with the language. Now I hope they re-learn it with Bipa."

--Maria Hirak

Staten Island, NY

"I learned about your website from the back of the videos. I just want to say congratulations on the fantastic work on the videos. They are indeed of professional quality. My daughter is only 8-months-old and she loves them! I hope you will produce more videos."

--Larisa Veryha

Duga, Manitoba


"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed video number 1, the alphabet video. We wish to learn Ukrainian and it is wonderful. My children love these videos."

--Kim Speed

Oakfield, New York

"We are extremely pleased with the videos. Keep up the good work!"

--Danylo Kuc

Ottawa, Ontario


"My granddaughter had received 'Volume 1: Learning the Alphabet' as a gift. Since she lives in Kyiv, this was the first video, Sesame Street style, that she has watched in Ukrainian. They do not have Sesame Street there on TV but in the Russian language only. She really loves watching it so I ordered her 'Volume 2: Songs and Games' and the Boomchyk puzzle. Keep up the good work and I am waiting for future videos."

—Mary Pendzola
New York, NY

"Your videos are very interesting and so surprising that we Ukrainians have a chance to teach our kids Ukrainian with these wonderful videos. THANK YOU!!"

—Luba Char, Brooklyn, NY



"I love your videos. My husband is Ukrainian but has difficulty in teaching me. With you videos my son and I can learn together. Now I just have to figure out how to turn on the closed captioning to see the dialogue in English. Can you give me guidance in that area? I would really appreciate it! By the way, my son's day care also enjoys sharing the music and characters of Alphabet Village! Thanks again!

—Christine Nealon
Beensalen, PA


(EDITOR'S NOTE: The closed captioning question is a common one. Most of us don't use the closed captioning feature on our televisions so we're not familiar with it. And, sadly, not every television has this feature. Older televisions are not equipped with closed captioning. But, if you have a newer model, please check your remote control or your instruction manual and you will see "closed captioning" in a MENU feature. You'll need to activate this by putting it in the "ON" position. This will allow you to watch the Ukrainian Power series, as well as regular programming, with closed captioning.)

"My granddaughter just loves Boomchyk and my kids are relearning with her. I would love to see a Boomchyk doll available for purchase."

—Maria Hirak
Staten Island, NY

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We have released a Boomchyk doll since this letter was written.)

"I saw you Boomchyk character and the Alphabet Game on the Internet with my 3-year-old son while we were looking for Ukrainian language resources for kids. Great site!"

—Greg Marten
Southeast Michigan

"Great job! I highly recommend your videos to parents."

—Basia Andrusko
Yardly, PA

" This is great! I can't wait to place my first order! it's very difficult for me, my husband doesn't speak the language and now it's become strange on my tongue. I have a hard time teaching it to my daughters. I love the idea of having the videos and it looks like fun for my youngest daughter, Oksana, age 7."

—Maria Urbanowycz-Blodgett
Clifton, NJ

" I heard about your videos and would love to get my hands on them. How do I order from you or are they available in Australia? Nice work you are doing - I think even the adults will enjoy it."

—Stephan Kasanczuk
Croydon, NSW, Austrailia

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Ukrainian Power videos ARE available to our friends all over the world. We have videos produced in PAL and Secam formats as well as NTSC used in North America. International customers, please contact us via e-mail or fax so we can figure out the shipping and handling costs. Please do not use our web site order form.)

"It is so nice to see someone make a video like Sesame Street but in Ukrainian. There is so little out there to teach children the Ukrainian language, especially on video. These days children watch so much more TV that they grasp the English language easily, but it's a tough uphill climb if I want my son to learn Ukrainian. At least now I feel I have more to offer by way of language absorption."

--Halya Ficarella
Bronx, NY

"Just got the video and my kids love it and watched it at least three times in two hours. The songs are great."

--Chrystya Woch
East Hanover, NJ

"My son is in the process of adopting a Ukrainian baby...I saw an article about you and your production of the 'Ukrainian Power' videos aimed at teaching Ukrainian language and culture to preschoolers. It sounded too good to be true. What a great idea you had and carried out to benefit children of Ukrainian lineage. Thank you."

--Judith Lauer
Noblesville, IN

"I was very impressed with the quality of the work on the Ukrainian Power video and the whole idea. I was eager to show the video to my children and husband. The litmus test, however, would be showing the video to my Ukrainian born 84-years-young mother-in-law. Mom was very impressed. She loved the video, especially the musical parts. She was reduced to tears as she clapped and sang along with the puppets."

--Vera Samycia
Chicago, IL
(Easter Egg Artist featured on
Ukrainian Power Volume




at the Ukrainian Future Credit Union in Michigan.

It's never too early to teach your children to save money. That's a message you're never too old to learn, either.

Ukrainian Power Videos, Inc. offers a special "Ukrainian Power" video which teaches Ukrainian words and provides basic information on credit union services. The video is called "Boomchyk's First Trip to the Ukrainian Credit Union."

This video is only available at the Ukrainian Future Credit Union of Warren, Michigan.

In this special video, Milya stands beneath the Alphabet Tree with her magical book. The letters fall from the tree and fall into her magical book. An interesting story appears. Milya reads us the story of "Boomchyk's First Trip to the Ukrainian Credit Union."

ladybug In an illustrated segment, the children of Alphabet Village teach Boomchyk the importance of saving money. In a live action segment, we follow a group of children to the credit union and we learn about deposits, withdrawals and loans. Each step of the way viewers learn Ukrainian words. They learn to count to 100 by 10's in Ukrainian. They learn the colors, to tell time and to identify different coins, all in Ukrainian.

This entertaining and educational video is rich with information and fun.


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