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Baby Ukrainian Power

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Baby Ukrainian Power



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Baby Ukrainian Power



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Baby Ukrainian Power


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Baby Ukrainian Power

on Videos & DVD's Page

Olga_puppets3.jpg      Children will love

  learning Ukrainian from

  their friends in Alphabet

  Village, an enchanted place

  where letters grow on

  trees and the river flows

  with alphabet soup.

      Boomchyk Borovyk

  and Pani Vera use songs,

  games and entertaining

  techniques to teach the

  children of Alphabet Village basic elements of the Ukrainian language.

     Natalka, Yurko and Maksym enjoy learning the Ukrainian alphabet,

  numbers, days of the week, months of the year, as well as names of family

  members, foods, body parts, and much more in Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4. Milya,

  the lovely English-speaking host, pops in throughout the videos and

  provides encouragement and explanations of the on-screen activities.

  (Milya is the yellow puppet on the left in above photo, seen with Ukrainian

  Power creator, Olga Halaburda, & Boomchyk, the purple star of the show.)

     The "Ukrainian Power" video series is endorsed by parents, educators

  as well as The Ukrainian Education Council of New York and Foundation

  for Ukrainian Science and Education of New Jersey. (The Ukrainian

  Educational Council, Shkilna Rada, coordinates the activities of the

  Ukrainian Saturday School System throughout the United States. It has

  also established a close working relationship with Ukraine's Ministry of

  Education. FUSE is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to serve

  and grant opportunities for the advancement of science and education in


      The Ukrainian Power video series is being used as a teaching tool in

  Ukrainian homes as well as American and Canadian public schools.

     In addition to immersing viewers in the Ukrainian language, the videos

  share elements of Ukrainian culture including Ukrainian dance, an Easter

  egg demonstration, a visit to a Ukrainian festival and a lesson in playing

  the traditional Ukrainian instrument, the bandura.

      The "Ukrainian Power" video series is available in DVD form.

  Volumes 1 & 2 are included on one DVD. Volumes 3 & 4 on another. To view

  a sample of the programs, visit our "Videos & DVDs" page.

      In 2009, we launched a "Baby Ukrainian Power" line of products which

  include a simple see-and-say DVD and corresponding set of flash cards.

  These products help prepare children for the "Ukrainian Power" series by

  exposing them to a variety of words they'll hear in the "Ukrainian Power"

  programs plus many more. To learn about these products we encourage you

  to visit our "Additional Products" page.

      Tell your friends about "Ukrainian Power" and "Baby Ukrainian Power"

  videos and products. Your support helps us continue producing and

  offering top-quality Ukrainian language products for our children. We're

  always eager to hear from you. We consider your suggestions when we

  plan production of new products.

      Visit our "Customer Feedback" page to hear what parents and teachers

  have to say and visit our "Contact Us" page to share your thoughts.

      Don't forget to visit our "Interactive Games" page. You'll find fun,

  FREE games that help reinforce the learning of the Ukrainian language.   




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